The Greatest GENERATIONS Foundation is an IRS 501(c)3 International non-governmental organization (INGO) dedicated to honoring the sacrifices of veterans by returning them to their former battlegrounds, cemeteries and memorials to ensure that their legacies are recorded and retold in perpetuity to future generations.

The Greatest Generations Foundation - Remember Those Who Served


 Just as our veterans answered their nation’s call of duty, we believe it is our duty to preserve their stories for future generations.

The Greatest Generations Foundation - Remember Those Who Served


We believe that our veterans deserve to be honored by all those they liberated and protected.



Our veterans have sacrificed so much to secure our liberties and safety, and deserve to be remembered for those sacrifices.


We are ETERNALLY GRATEFUL to our proud supporters who also want to serve those who served our great nation.  

"These esteemed veterans will have died without the closure that could allow them to make sense of their sacrifices."


Our signature program provides opportunities for combat veterans to return to the European or Pacific battlefields to visit the cemeteries and war memorials at no cost to the veterans. These programs back to the battlefields are often emotional, but provide veterans a measure of closure from their war experiences and the chance to share in the gratitude for their service, and a venue to educate others throughout communities across the globe.


The War Without Heroes Initiative vindicates the timeless principles of peace and justice in the world by raising awareness of the selfless courage all Vietnam War veterans exercised when they were called to duty, in hopes that future generations will never forget their sacrifices or those who were left behind.  


The stories of the duty, honor and sacrifice practiced by veterans and war heroes must be protected and preserved and the only way this can be achieved by educating the future generations. There is an ongoing collaboration of The Connecting Generations – Global Leadership Experience with Business Organizations, Military Academies and Universities to groom a generation of patriots on the happenings in Pearl Harbor and Normandy by giving them opportunities to speak directly and learn from the Veterans of World War II.


The Hands Helping Heroes Community initiative was created after a series of requests of financial support from the family and friends of Veterans; the request was to connect our veterans to communities through physical and social activity, to help enhance their lives. This initiative fulfills the desires of combat veterans who are above the age of 75 and have served our country or sacrificed a gear deal for the country. Our foundation helps realize their final dreams, makes provision for them, give their families encouragement, support and closure when they finally die.


Help SUPPORT our mission and HONOR our veterans through various programs we have available to perpetuate their HERITAGE for generations to come.

Aid our mission and show honor to our heroes, we have a variety of programs through which you can do this. Their LEGACY has to continue for years to come.

There are various ways by which you can MAKE A DIFFERENCE with The Greatest Generations Foundation (TGGF). Our programs and initiatives are available for you to pick from, just be sure that any contribution you make will be used to create a life-long change in the life of a veteran and the life of anybody they relate with. With your help and our foundation, we are taking huge steps to make sure the world never forgets those who made their selves available to give us the liberty we currently enjoy.

Come be a part of us and make a Veteran’s life better today.

  • ONLINE DONATION - To a fast and convenient way to donate, select “DONATE TODAY” on the right of our online donation page . Click on Network for Good to go through the procedure for selecting a gift for TGGF.
  • MAIL DONATION - You can also send a check by mail, you make your payment to The Greatest Generations Foundation c/o 3773 Cherry Creek North Drive, Suite 575 Denver, Colorado 80209.

Note: NOTE: Ensure you include your name, address, phone number and e-mail address. Specify which of the programs you are supporting. (If your gift is in honor or memory of a veteran, you’re required to identify the name of the honoree and give the name and address of the person who should be notified of the donation.) 

You can offer help in various ways:

  • GIFTS IN HONOR OR MEMORY - Donations to the TGGF Endowment Fund is an important means by honoring a veteran annually. The gift is a reflection of your wish to make an indelible impact on the lives of different people, just as the recipient of your gift has made a great impact on your life.
  • CORPORATE PARTNERSHIPS - With the help of corporate partnership we are able to create awareness to a diverse group of people. All in support for the work we do for our heroes, at the same time keeping engaging people in a positive cause.
  • COMMUNITY EVENTS - TGGF can be supported by holding an event or even participating in an already ongoing event for the Veterans in your community. You can get your community involved in raising funds by organizing fund raisers to support our programs. TGGF Grassroots Fundraising Program is an event that is open to individuals, groups, businesses, schools and clubs; as long as you want to raise funds for our foundation you can do so by organizing events or taking parts in events we already hold in honor of the veterans.
  • MATCHING GIFTS - A lot of organizations are open to their employees making charitable donations to our cause by matching the organizations philanthropic support. You can check with your human resource department and make a request for a form to match a gift.
  • PLANNED GIVING - If you would like to give now or after you die, you can plan strategically to align your donations with your overall financial estate.  Some of our plans offer you some benefits, you would be making a huge donation to our foundation and maintain a secure future for your finances and that of your family.
  • AMAZON: - When visiting for the first time you can choose The Greatest Generations Foundation as the charitable organization you would like to support. By doing this, 0.5% of your purchases on AmazonSmile will be donated to our foundation.
Sgt. Homer Goodman, 100th Bomb Group - World War II 

Sgt. Homer Goodman, 100th Bomb Group - World War II 

Robert White, USMC 4th Marines - World War II 

Robert White, USMC 4th Marines - World War II