"When you go HOME, tell them of us and say; For their TOMORROW, we gave our TODAY."

Nearly 15 years ago, The Greatest GENERATIONS Foundation (TGGF) was born to honor American war veterans from World War One, World War Two, Korean and Vietnam wars —and the only thing that’s changed since is "HONORING MORE VETERANS." Founded by Australian native, Timothy Davis, whose own strong family ties to both World Wars ignited his passion to serve those who helped save the world, TGGF is the only international non-profit educational organization devoted to returning combat veterans to their battlefields, cemeteries and memorials, enabling closure to their war experiences. 

In 2017, we launched a new chapter of our mission by remembering the 58,318 killed during the Vietnam War by raising awareness of the selfless courage all Vietnam veterans exercised when they were called to duty, in hopes that future generations will never forget their sacrifices or those who were left behind. 

To this day and into the years ahead, with unflinching determination, TGGF is tirelessly devoted to becoming the most distinguished veteran association in the world. We are humbled to have earned 320,000 loyal members represented by at least 45 countries who have supported our cause to immortalize the legacies of our treasured veterans.