VETERAN OF THE DAY: Staff Sargent Verlin William Qualls


Please meet American hero and WWII veteran Staff Sargent Verlin William Qualls born June 12, 1923 in Olive Hill, Ky.

In June of 1943 he joined the U.S. Army as part of the 131st gun battalion and medical detachment. He was stationed with General Patton in France, he went to the Netherlands, then onto Belgium, Luxembourg, and served in the Battle of the Bulge in Germany. He went into the Eagles Nest shortly after Hilter died.

He was also awarded a Bronze Star by General Charles de Gaulle for his exceptional services of war rendered for the liberation of France. 

In February of 1946 he returned home.

I took this picture today of him in his Eisenhower jacket at 93 Years old. I'm very honored to be his grandson. Thank you for your service and fighting to protect our country. Story submitted by Leanna Price

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