Q: Why are you doing this?
A: Since 2004, TGGF honors our military veterans, starting with the World War II generation, who have generally been overlooked. When the war ended, they resumed their lives, and no one ever stopped to say thank you for the peace and prosperity they had helped bring about.  Programs to Vietnam commenced in 2016. 

Q: Are the programs truly all-expenses paid?
A: Yes! All overseas programs are 100% covered by TGGF. This includes airfare to and from the United States, all in-country lodging, transportation, and meals. It is suggested that participants bring some spending money, or an ATM card to access local currency to cover additional expenses such as souvenirs, snacks and occasional beverages. TGGF will also provide a group mobile phone to make calls home.  

Q: May my spouse or other family member join me?
A: No. TGGF has resources to fund the veterans. Additionally, the programs are designed in such a way that veterans will be able to achieve closure from their experiences, and to pass on their stories to younger generations. Having worked with veterans over the past decade, the presence of spouse’s/family members greatly inhibits the veteran’s ability to open up, gain closure, and ultimately profit from the program. 

Q: How are the participants chosen for the programs?
A: We receive numerous applications monthly and wish we could accommodate each and every one. But since resources and space are limited we make a selection by creating a group of veterans who will represent a variety of backgrounds, including military service, military experiences, residency, and health. Applicants may also be selected due to the unique nature of some specific programs. Participants are not chosen based upon number of medals, rank, time in combat, etc.

Q: Do I have to be in perfect health to participate?
A: Yes. However, we ask that any veteran wishing to submit an application first consult with a physician and obtain approval for travel abroad. The journeys require some walking and a fair amount of stamina. The days are long in order to accommodate as many experiences as possible. We plan rest-days, even if it means a nap on the bus. Rest assured, however, that our veterans are well taken well care of by TGGF staff.

Q: Do I need a passport to travel?
A: Yes. Veterans need a current passport, with at least 6 months until the expiration date. Except for programs to Hawaii, all programs are overseas to countries requiring travelers to carry a valid passport. In order to receive clearance from TGGF to travel, Veterans must also present a physician signed “travel clearance” (form may be obtained from TGGF), and a list of emergency contacts. 

Q: I don’t speak any other language; will that be a problem?
A: No. Interpreters are present on every program abroad. If you do speak another language, please let us know on the application form. 

Q: I want to make a donation to TGGF. How will my money be used?
A: Because the foundation’s overhead expenses are privately funded, 100% of all money donated goes towards TGGF Endowment Fund to provide long term sustainability to the mission. That’s not the goal . .  it’s the rule!