Who We Are

The Greatest Generations Foundation (TGGF) is a non-profit International organization dedicated to promoting recognition and respect for war veterans of past and current conflicts while enhancing historical education for today’s youth and tomorrow’s leaders. We work to ensure that the honor and sacrifice of these veterans is never forgotten, nor that the value of their deeds be allowed to disappear into the annals of history.

Our History

Since its inception, TGGF has directly touched thousands of veterans’ lives through a multitude of battlefield programs, organized programs to national and international destinations, and other activities. Founded in 2004, TGGF is the only non-profit organization devoted to helping veterans return to their battlefields and enabling closure of their war experiences while at the same time educating youth about key war events and their relevance. TGGF determined that veterans would benefit greatly from the opportunity to return to a foreign battlefield and to find some measure of closure. TGGF identified the need to provide financial assistance to veterans to make these journeys, as well as program organization and guiding.  

Mission, Values, Goals


The Greatest Generations Foundation is dedicated to honoring the sacrifices of veterans and ensuring that their legacies are recorded and retold in perpetuity to future generations.


  • Duty – Just as our veterans answered their nation’s call of duty, we believe it is our duty to preserve their stories for future generations.
  • Honor – We believe that our veterans deserve to be honored by all those they liberated and protected.
  • Sacrifice – Our veterans have sacrificed so much to secure our liberties and safety, and deserve to be remembered for those sacrifices.
  • Education – TGGF believes that education is the essential platform through which the veterans Duty, Honor, and Sacrifice must be preserved for future generations.
  • Preservation – The veterans who have served us in so many ways deserve to have their actions preserved and immortalized, that they may not be forgotten, and that others may not have to repeat their heroic actions.


  • Educate and raise awareness among the general public about the veterans who have served on their behalf by promoting the values of duty, honor, sacrifice and patriotism through outreach, education and preservation.
  • Raise funds that will support the organization programs and objectives, public outreach activities as well as support the operations of TGGF headquarters
  • Provide direct support to community programs and operations.
  • Provide a world-class nonprofit operation that fulfills the goals, objectives and purposes of the Foundation.

From the President

Dear Friends,

If you have explored this site already you may have some idea of the work The Greatest Generations Foundation is doing and how they are honoring our remaining veterans who served in conflicts such as World War II, Korea, and Vietnam. Through the ever increasing programming that the Foundation offers to veterans, we hope to give back to our veterans the honor and gratitude that they so quietly deserve. 

It’s a fact that over the next three years most of the World War II generation will fade away. According to recent U.S. Veterans Administration figures, every 90 seconds a memory of World War II – its sights and sounds, its terrors and triumphs – disappears. Yielding to the inalterable process of aging, the men and women who fought and won the great conflict are now in their late 80s and 90s. 

We are losing what many call our greatest generation – the men and women who served this nation so selflessly during World War II – at the astounding rate of more than one thousand each day. Think about that for a moment. Before the sun sets today, we will have lost the equivalent of a regiment of veterans who helped confound Hitler’s plans for world domination and exposed the ugly reality of Nazi racial and religious genocide. We will have lost more than a thousand of the people who kept imperial Japan from world conquest following the devastating attack on Pearl Harbor. Another sad fact to contemplate in all this is that most of those who laid it all on the line for us in World War II will go to their final rest without ever having told their stories to a nation that desperately needs to hear them. They will have died without the closure that helps them make sense of their sacrifices.

To this end, The Greatest Generations Foundation has taken it upon itself to honor the sacrifices of those who have fought to protect the freedoms we enjoy today. Our programs are designed to preserve and perpetuate the legacies of our nation’s heroes to the younger generations who will soon take on the responsibility of safeguarding the freedom for which they fought so long ago.

Finally, our support on the ground is growing strong. The Greatest Generations Foundation is now making a positive difference in the lives of more than 180,000 veterans throughout the country, while impacting thousands of young Americans every day. Those of us who have worked tirelessly to honor our veterans of all conflicts by preserving the freedom for which they fought and the patriotism that they epitomize continues. To find out what part you can play in helping continue these veterans’ legacies, click on the "TAKE ACTION" button.

Thank you again for all your support. We encourage you to join us in this important and urgent cause, while remembering those who served.

Timothy Davis

Executive Leadership

Just as in our efforts to advance and promote accountability and transparency in education reform, The Greatest Generations Foundation believes its own operations and governance of the Foundation should be open to all. The Foundation Board of Trustees has adopted several governance policies to help ensure that the Foundation achieves, and continues to sustain, the very highest level of public and donor trust with the commitment to fairness, openness, respect and responsibility. With the policies, financials, tax returns, and our Trustees and Executive Leadership listed below, the Foundation’s governance structure advances our commitment to meet the highest ethical and legal standards.


  • Timothy Davis (Founder)
  • James Blane
  • Jim Johnson
  • Arthur Meyers*
  • Wilson Colwell

Dr. E. Bruce Heilman – Co National Spokesman
Responsibilities: Promotes awareness of and donor funding for TGGF and interacts with the media, donors, prospective donors and educational groups. Accompanies veterans to former battlefields and advises the TGGF Board of Directors on various topics related to the foundation. Bruce has been with TGGF since 2010.

Captain Dale Dye – Co National Spokesman
Captain Dye is US Marine who served in Vietnam. He graduated from the University of Maryland with a B.A. in English. Dye worked for “Soldier of Fortune” magazine and founded Warriors, Inc., a California company that specializes in training actors for realistic military portrayals. Captain Dye starred in such films as “Platoon,” “Band of Brothers,” “Casualties of War,” and “Saving Private Ryan.” He also served as a military advisor for the HBO series “The Pacific.” Capt. Dye has been with TGGF since 2005.

Timothy Davis – President / Executive Director
Responsibilities: Timothy has essentially single-handedly built, managed and promoted The Greatest Generations Foundation. Timothy is an action-oriented visionary who has mapped the Foundation’s trajectory through 2020 and is aggressively pursuing its fulfillment.

Brandon Cope – Executive Vice President of Operations
Responsibilities: Brandon Cope has been recruited to bring a for-profit operational mindset to the Foundation and is charged with managing operations, organizational strategy and leading the alignment of purpose and mission for TGGF over the next three years. Brandon has been involved with TGGF since 2010.

Donnie Edwards – Director of Community Relations
Responsibilities: Promotes awareness of TGGF business affairs and interacts directly with military organizations, nonprofit organizations and other corporations to manage the relationships necessary to the growth and success of the organization. Donnie is a former American football linebacker who played fourteen seasons in the National Football League (NFL). Donnie has also made five visits to the Iraq and Afghanistan representing the USO and NFL. Donnie has been involved with TGGF since 2011.

John Riedy – Director of Photography
Responsibilities: Since 2007, John is responsible for coordinating, directing, shooting and editing educational, promotional, and other production content for TGGF.  John also works closely with the administrative team with program development, production and post-production crews. A graduate of Duke University in 1991, John now resides in San Diego, California with his wife Becky and two sons.

James Blane – Director of Veterans Affairs 
Responsibilities: Actively oversees veterans applications and program coordination, works with community leaders on veterans remembrance programs, veterans issues, and represents TGGF at various veterans programs with our core veterans committee. Jim enlisted in the Marine Corps in February 1943 and was assigned to the 20th Engineer Regiment. The 4th Marine Division landed on February 20 at Roi Namur in the Marshall Islands. Jim was also involved in military campaigns in Saipan and Tinian. Jim spent 50 years in the petroleum industry, before retiring in Denver. Jim has been actively involved with TGGF since 2005.

Dr. Julia Dye – Foundation Historian 
Responsibilities: Provides guidance and consulting for the historical significance and accuracy of the Battlefield Remembrance programs. Julia has a Ph.D. in Theatrical Hopology and serves as the staff officer for Human Resources and Administration, Planning, Training, and Operations for Warriors, Inc. She has served with the Los Angeles Fight Academy and as Executive Director of the Society of American Fight Directors. Julia served as Adjutant on the mini-series The Pacific for HBO in Australia. Julia has been with TGGF since 2005.

Jan Cleveland – General Counsel 
Responsibilities: Provides general legal counsel for the Foundation including contacts and licenses. Jan earned a Bachelor of Arts in Education from West Texas State University and University of Denver College of Law with bar admissions in Colorado and the Federal District Courts. Jan serves as board member and co-chair of the Phillip J. Steele Foundation and the Colorado Theatre Guild. She has also worked as the Director Divestiture Planning for AT&T, Director Strategic Planning and Human Resources for US West, and has founded Cleveland & Associates and Performance 2000, Inc. Jan has been with TGGF since 2009.

The following documents and policies are available on request. 

Corporate Bylaws
IRS Letter for 501(c)3 status

Code of Ethics
Conflict of Interest Policy

In an effort to provide complete transparency and to reassure you that your donation is being used in the best way possible, we’ve provided all relevant financial data for The Greatest Generations Foundation via our partner at Guidestar. For more infomation on Guidstar, please visit www.guidstar.com

United States President Barack Hussein Obama II
Former United States President George W. Bush
Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy

United States Secretary of State John Kerry

United States Senator Mark Udall
United States Senator John McCain

Congressman Bruce Braley - U.S. House of Representatives
Congressman Mike Coffman - U.S. House of Representatives
Congressman Joe Wilson - U.S. House of Representatives
Congressman Ed Perlmutter - U.S. House of Representatives
Congressman Jared Polis - U.S. House of Representatives

Admiral Michael Mullen United States Navy
General David Petraeus United States Army
General James Cartwright United States Marine Corps
General George W. Casey Jr., United States Army
General James F. Amos United States Marine Corps
Admiral Gary Roughead United States Navy
General Norton A. Schwartz United States Air Force

Ambassador Giulio Terzo Embassy of Italy
Ambassador Sir Nigel Sheinwald British Embassy
Ambassador Norman L. Eisen Embassy of Czech Republic
Ambassador Klaus Scharioth Embassy of Republic of Germany
Ambassador Jorge Dezcallar Embassy of Espana
Ambassador Renee Jones-Bos Royal Netherlands Embassy
Ambassador Kim Beazley Australian Ambassador to USA
Ambassador Charles Rivkin US. Ambassador to France
Ambassador David H. Thorne US. Ambassador to Italy
Ambassador Howard Gutman US. Ambassador to Belgium
Ambassador Cynthia Stroum US. Ambassador to Luxembourg
Ambassador Philip D. Murphy US. Ambassador to Germany
Ambassador William C. Eacho III US. Ambassador to Austria
Ambassador Michael C. Polt US. Ambassador to Estonia