What We Do

Veteran Services

BATTLEFIELD PROGRAM: Since 2004, TGGF has offered the opportunity for World War II veterans to return to their battlefields at no cost to them. These voyages back to the battlefields are often emotional, but provide veterans a measure of closure from their war experiences, the chance to share in the gratitude for their service, and a venue to educate others.

CONNECTING GENERATIONS: TGGF collaborates with universities and military academies to bring college students/cadets along on many of the battlefield journeys abroad. These programs are a powerful learning experience for the students/cadets who learn about the historic events of World War II. History is deepened significantly by hearing the veterans’ personal accounts of bravery and sacrifice during these events, and the veterans know their legacy and stories will be preserved and passed along by the students/cadets. These journeys provide a powerful bridge between two generations who, prior to these voyages, often have had little contact with or curiosity about each other.

OPERATION COMMON GROUND: TGGF brings former veterans and wounded warriors who have overcome the hardships of acclimating to civilian life after being wounded in combat to aid stations where soldiers are being treated for recent wounds sustained in Operation Enduring Freedom. By connecting these generations of veterans, those former veterans gain closure in a way otherwise inaccessible while those from recent operations are encouraged to have met the men who fought for a common goal over the last 70 years defending the freedom that they defend today.

Youth & Community

TGGF wants to ensure that the stories and lessons of World War II are not forgotten, even when there is no one left to tell them. Preserving the legacy of these heroic men and women happens most effectively through education and the retelling of stories to younger generations. TGGF’s educational programs take a dynamic, experiential approach. Our programs allow students from all backgrounds to explore the values and beliefs that Americans and their Allies embraced during wartime. They address the extraordinary history of sacrifice and the noble accomplishments of those who served.

AMERICAN HERO DAY: This program brings historical events into the classroom, using TGGF’s most trusted strategy: allowing veterans to share their own stories. Veterans visit classrooms to speak about their own experiences of war, answer questions, and bring to life the history children read about in books.

WORLD WAR II TRAVELING MUSEUM: This mobile World War II exhibit visits schools to share its world-class collection of artifacts and archives. It takes history beyond the pages of textbooks and into the hands of curious students.

INTERNATIONAL EDUCATIONAL SCHOLARSHIPS: Students who participate in local history preservation projects or extracurricular activities tied to military history may apply for an International educational scholarship in honor of all World War II veterans. The scholarships enable the recipients to travel with World War II veterans on one of TGGF’s all-expense paid “Connecting Generations” journeys abroad.

Historical Preservation

STORIES OF REMEMBRANCES: Once veterans have had the chance to share their stories and personal accounts from the war, The Greatest Generations Foundation works to document and record each piece of their history. The Greatest Generations Foundation collects first-person accounts of veterans’ experiences from World War I (1914-1920), World War II (1939-1946), the Korean War (1950-1955), the Vietnam War (1961-1975), the Persian Gulf War (1990-1995), and the Middle Eastern conflicts (2001-present).

HOLOCAUST AWARENESS INITIATIVE: The Greatest Generations Foundation works closely with several Jewish Associations, the Jewish Veterans Association, and with people of varying faiths and cultures to explore the meaning of the Shoah (the Hebrew word used to refer to the Holocaust) and its lessons for future generations.

VETERANS OF VALOR: DIGITAL STORY BOARD DEVELOPMENT: The college students who travel abroad with the veterans are moved and changed by the experience. This program is the vehicle for those students, upon their return, to record the experience. The students, who are each paired with one veteran, are required to journal their experiences during the program. Upon their return, they use their journals to write, produce and narrate a four-minute, recorded vignette about their veteran. These audio clips are submitted to local radio stations to be played in the home community of the veteran. Several of the recorded clips have been played on NPR affiliates around the country.

VINTAGE RESTORATION: TGGF works to preserve the history of warfare by collecting, and when appropriate restoring, memorabilia, equipment, and even vehicles relevant to the “Greatest Generations.” These items are then used in conjunction with other TGGF programs such as American Hero Day. Please click here to view our lastest restoration. 

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