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Sharing your legacy is easy. It allows you to share information about yourself during the war to ensure that your dedication and bravery is forever preserved by the next generation who capture, share, and learn from your legacy.

Your Legacy page can be created by friends and loved ones of any veterans who want others to know their story. Creating your story allows you to make sure every visitor knows exactly how you (or a family member) helped win the war. You can add photos about your experience, share your story with friends and family members, and show how the war has influenced your life.

We welcome all website visitors to display his or her affection to those who have served by taking part in a tributes campaign. Please feel free to either search for an existing page or create a new one. Once you've taken the first step, one can generate his or her own page and show it to friends and family.

You can enter your Information in the stepped process below or If you would like to submit your written memoirs or story for our Memorial page, mail to:
The Greatest Generations Foundation
PO Box 6615
Denver, Colorado 80209

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